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Holidays in Greece

The Islands of Greece

The seas of Greece are sprinkled with over two thousand islands and islets.

The Greek islands have been a popular tourist destination for a long time, and each island of Greece with its unique topography, history, and culture attract thousands of visitors from around the world every summer.

Tourists flock to the Greek islands every year to enjoy a few days of beautiful weather, unique architecture, and the character of Greek hospitality. With so many islands to choose from, one is bound to find their favorite vacation spot, and while many preffer to island hop, others return to the same island year after year.

The gamut of character is incredibly wide. There are islands that have been forgotten by time that allow visitors to feel as if they live in a different era, and there are islands that offer cosmopolitan luxuries for every contemporary taste. There are quiet island spots where one can be lost in solitude, and also there are islands where one can be absorbed in the crowds.

Better yet, several islands offer everything in one destination. Islands like Rhodes and Crete are popular because they offer spectacular topography, unique hospitality, beautiful beaches, exciting tourist resorts, fascinating history, unique culture, quiet villages, and party-till-you drop towns.

Given the beautiful weather and the amount of sunshine that bathes the Greek islands in the summer, they have become the favorite destination of millions of Europeans and who choose the Greek islands to spend their annual vacation. Needless to say, several of the most popular islands of Greece are overrun by tourists in the summer, but depending on one’s taste, being among so many people who are there just to have fun together is not a bad place to be.

Alongside the most touristy islands of Greece are the quiet holiday spots with sleepy villages, picturesque promenades, endless sunny days, and crystal cool waters.

The major industry these days for most of the islands is tourism, but the remnants of the yesteryear activities of fishing, diving, commerce, and small-scale agriculture are everywhere. Greek islanders have a strong sense of tradition, and despite the considerable development of tourist infrastructure, they retain the unique cultural character of their individual island.

The unique topography, the long history of invasions, and the long tradition of commerce imprint each island with unique characteristics. Once you experience one Greek island, you will want to see them all. Searching for the perfect island is half the fun and might entice you to Greece annually for life.


Thessaloniki City Center

Agia Paraskevi Megali Ammos

Platys Gialos Rhodes City

Agios Ioannis Agios Stefanos Chora Mykonos Houlakia
Kriopigi Nikiti




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